About Us

Supporting your British Farmers

Farmer’s Choice has been established since 1984 delivering free range produce from Farm to Fork.

At Farmer’s Choice we pride ourselves on delivering free range, responsibly sourced and naturally reared meat to our customers. Our in-house butchers prepare the meat, just as you like it.

Farmers Choice

We run on family values and try to make our operations as simple as possible. Farmer’s Choice believes quality, service and flexibility are the keystones of our longevity and continued success. Many customers have been with us for over 20 years and as people have moved around the country we have found ways to accommodate their requests. Farmer’s Choice has continued to supply them with the quality free-range meat and the excellent service they have become used to.


Due to the many recommendations we’ve received, more customers than ever are now using our friendly delivery service and enjoying our fantastic products. Why not give us a try and you too can benefit from:

Easy ordering – online, at any time of the day (many orders come through on Sunday evenings when it’s quiet and the family are together at home) or if you prefer, we offer a friendly UK based call centre that’s handy for help and advice and for those without the Internet.

Real product flexibility – we offer over 600 cuts ranging in all sizes and catering for all needs. Our products are pre-frozen in minimal packaging (or resealable bags where appropriate) for added convenience.

Home delivery service – have your order delivered at a time that suits you, no heavy bags to carry back from town or the supermarket, and we will deliver straight to your door or freezer!

Easy payments – just set up and control your own standing order or pay via Direct Debit and gain the extra benefits of our account scheme. Alternatively, you can pay-as-you-go via debit/credit card, or paypal.

Overall, it’s the simplicity, friendliness and flexibility of Farmer’s Choice Free Range which makes us such a firm favourite with our customers. It seems many can’t resist the guaranteed quality of our free-range meat and sustainably caught fish. So, you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain by giving us a try.

With the new Deli range from Farmer’s Choice you can now order all your ingredients for a delicious, free range meal. Not only can you choose your British meat from free range farms and vegetables from local suppliers, but now you can buy deli products to make your meal complete.

Place an order now and try out the Farmer’s Choice experience.

Farm 2 Fork

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