New Green on the Block

flower sprout

There is a new veg on the block and its calling itself a superfood!

The Flower Sprout is a relative newcomer and already being hailed a British champion amongst its fellow greens. It has been 15 years in the making (using traditional breeding techniques from the British vegetable and seed house Tozer Seeds), a hybrid of Brussels Sprout and Kale.

flower sprout 2

The taste is sweet ‘nutty’ and can be cooked in numerous ways, very quickly. Unlike Brussels sprout, it can be boiled and ready to eat in less than 100 seconds (when placed in rapidly boiling water). A Superfast Superfood!

But don’t just boil them, they can steamed, microwaved, or stir fried.  Sauté them bacon and onion for a super side dish, or put them together with chicken or fish in a stir fry (see below).

So…instead of this vegetable being pushed around the plate, this naturally sweet vegetable is a hit with children and adults.

Our Flower Sprouts are grown on the Isle of Wight. With its unique temperate climate and more than its fair share of sunshine, there is an abundance of fresh produce. (This is a winter vegetable. It is being picked as we speak and will be ARRIVING SOON).

This little vegetable is crammed full of vitamin B6 (this helps us use the energy we consume), twice the amount of vitamin C than Brussels sprouts and a generous dose of vitamin E which fights toxins and provide powerful antioxidants (basically great for the immune system).

Chinese Style Stir Fried Flower Sprouts


4 tbsp. Stir fry oil (supermarket own label)flower srout recipe
1 clove of chopped garlic
1 piece of chopped ginger root
1 whole chilli chopped or sliced
100g Red onion wedges
300g Flower Sprouts
Soy sauce to season
Sesame seeds (optional)


Steam, blanch or micro steam the Flower Sprouts without seasoning. Heat the stir fry oil and stir fry the garlic, ginger, chilli and red onion. Add the cooked Flower Sprouts and stir on a high heat for a few seconds. Season with light soy sauce and a flavoured own label supermarket stir fry sauce like black bean. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

flower sprout 1


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