Apprentice of the Month – Barry Lipscombe

Another Farmer’s Choice apprentice has been given an award by MEAT Ipswich Ltd.

Apprentice of the Month

Apprentice of the Month


Barry won Apprentice of the Month in November 2014, but we have only just persuaded him to come and have his picture taken.

Barry, our youngest butcher, requested to take part in a year long course (FDQ Level 2) with MEAT Ipswich LTD to further his skills. Barry started his career as a carpenter (seven years), before joining Farmer’s Choice, so he is used to working with his hands and handling tools but I think we can all agree that the materials wildly differ.

The course is completed on site without the need for a day release.  Barry had to make his way through several work books, the more established butchers at Farmer’s Choice mentored him and an assessor came out 5 times during the year to see how he was getting on and put his newly learned skills to the test with practical exams.

Barry had to produce sausages from start to finish and as the course progressed he was given the tasks to break down whole lamb carcasses and a whole pig carcass.

The course also teaches the apprentices to look after their tools and he had to be able to show he could do that with knife sharpening skills, using the wet stone or the grinder which we have in situ.

Barry also had to show that he could easily manage the control of stock and of course his knowledge on Health and Safety.

We at Farmer’s Choice would like to congratulate Barry for achieving his qualification and receiving this award.  Great Work Barry!

MEAT (Ipswich) Ltd Award

MEAT (Ipswich) Ltd Award








Daniel Sawyer (another Farmer’s Choice Butcher) received Learner of the Month award, back in September 2010 before going on to receiving Apprentice of the Year 2011.


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