A Dogs Life!

Waste not, want not!  Here at Farmer’s Choice we don’t like to waste anything.  When we receive the whole carcass we don’t want there to be anything left.

After all the orders have been taken and the meat has been cut, sometimes the only thing left is inedible bits and pieces (which get minced for petfood) and the bones.

DogsTrust Logo

Back in May 2013 we contacted the Dogs Trust and asked if they could take the bones and the mince – answer was obviously ‘yes please’. Since then we have been sending 4 boxes of bones and 25 packs of petfood mince a week to the Dogs Trust in Shoreham. We did consider sending it to other Dogs Trust centres but it didn’t make sense to send a courier when there was a Dogs Trust centre within our catchment area.

I think he likes it

I think he likes it

The Dogs Trust told us the advantages to the dogs when they eat the bones are:

  • Chewing is a very natural behaviour for a dog,
  • A kennel environment can be stressful for dogs, so chewing on a raw bone releases feel good chemicals which is great for helping them cope.
  • “Chilling out” with a raw bone is a great past time.
  • It helps to keep their teeth nice and clean.
  • They really look forward to their bones and it make them genuinely happy.
  • So to sum it up – the dogs LOVE them!
Some guests enjoying their treats

Some guests enjoying their treats

Founded in 1891, Dogs Trust (formerly the National Canine Defence League) is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK.  Here’s what they do in a nutshell…

  • Each year they care for around 16,000 dogs at a nationwide network of 20 Rehoming Centres.
  • Their Education Officers give thousands of classroom presentations every year. Free teaching resources are made available to all schools in the UK.
  • Their FREEDOM Project helps pet owners who are fleeing domestic violence by fostering their animals while they start a new life.
  • The HOPE Project gives preventative veterinary care to dogs belonging to homeless people.
  • They advise government on any matters concerning dog ownership.
  • They assist overseas animal welfare charities by training their staff in best practice.

Concerns…”Surely bones splinter and are dangerous.” Yes is the answer to that but ONLY if they are cooked, not if the bones are raw. Raw chicken carcasses are so soft they can be broken them with bare hands. You can purchase bones and petfood mince direct from Farmer’s Choice.

Boo enjoying his bone

Boo enjoying his bone

Our bones used to be collected in the “bone bins” and sent off to make SOAP of all things and candles. The history of soap dates back to almost six thousand years. Around 2800 B C E, excavations of ancient Babylon revealed cylinders with inscriptions of making soap. Later, in 1500 B C E, records from Egypt revealed how animal and vegetable oils were mixed with alkaline salts to prepare soap. No one really knows how the soap was actually discovered, however there are many legends surrounding the invention of soap. According to the Romans, soap gets its name from Mount Sapo. Animals were sacrificed on Mount Sapo. Rains washed the fat of the sacrificed animals along with the alkaline wooden ashes from the sacrificial fires into the Tiber River. This mixture helped people in cleaning their clothes.



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