When Dan met Princess Anne

Dan has been appearing in a few social media posts recently and we thought you deserved a bit of background info on him.

Dan started with Farmer’s Choice almost 10 years ago cleaning down the machinery that he now uses on a daily basis. Dan decided he wanted to be a butcher so he enrolled in the National Apprenticeship of Meat and Poultry Processing. Two of our butchers Roger Wiltshire and Mark Steinson were his mentors throughout this Apprenticeship as well as support via regular tutorials over the telephone and on Ipswich Centre’s website. Assessors also came to Farmer’s Choice throughout the process to see how he was getting on. It was Level II that he won the National Apprentice of the Year and received an award from HRH Princess Anne.

Apprentice of the Year

Receiving an award from HRH Princess Anne

This course consists of 10 workbooks that the apprentices have to complete. The Apprentice must create a Porfolio to show their experience and understanding of Meat and Poultry and the qualifications gained are equivalent to 5 GSCEs.

dan sawyer 2

Dan and other Apprentices for 2011

Dan and other Apprentices for 2011

The course should last between 12 and 18 months but Dan completed his course within 10 months and out of the national applications, he won Apprentice of the Year!

Dan received his award at Butchers Hall in London and spent the afternoon with the other Apprentices and Princess Anne.

Dan then went on to complete his Advanced Apprenticeship Level III in Management and Poultry Processing gaining his Advanced Certificate in Management, HACCP Level II and Key/Functional Skills Level II in Literacy and Numeracy equivalent to A Levels. This level requires that you go to Ipswich Centre four times a year for three days. Dan passed this within 18 months with 100% pass rate. Level III involves breaking the carcass of the animal down to the finished product (that goes out to the customer). Dan does this now on a daily basis, with our other butchers; Mark Steinson, Steve Sawyer and Rob Newland.

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