What’s New this Week from Farmer’s Choice?

At Farmer’s Choice online butchers, we’re always bringing in exciting new products to supplement our existing range of free range meat products, seafood, fresh vegetables, deli products, pantry items, stocks, sauces and more. This week, we’ve got more from our new friends at Isle of Wight tomatoes, plus another addition to our range of delicious cheeses and plenty more.

Diced Mutton and Chopped Stewing Mutton
Our lamb and goat ranges have proved so popular that we’ve decided to introduce mutton as well. Best slow-cooked in a stew, mutton is tougher and has a stronger flavour than lamb or goat – what isn’t different about it is that it’s still 100% free range.

Fennel Bulb
At its best in late summer, fennel has a strong aniseed flavour that makes it a tasty, distinctive element in a summer salad.


Twineham Grange Parmesan Cheese
A delicious addition to our range of cheeses, Twineham Grange parmesan is perfect for a cheeseboard or grated over pastsa. What makes this parmesan unique, however, is the use of vegetarian rennet in place of animal rennet, meaning this is the only cheese of its kind to be Vegetarian Society-approved.


Oak-Roasted Tomato Balsamic Vinegar and Special Mixed Tomatoes
More from our friends at the Tomato Stall on the Isle of Wight. Their oak-roasted balsamic vinegar is made by marinading their delicious Isle of Wight tomatoes in Balsamic of Modena for a minimum of two weeks, resulting in a unique flavour which works fantastically when drizzled over a salad. A punnet of their sweet, brightly-coloured mixed tomatoes is sure to brighten up any salad.

In addition to these new products, there’s plenty more on offer in the Farmer’s Choice online store. Fill up your cart with free range meat, seafood, fruit and veg and more and we’ll have it delivered to your door as quickly as possible, allowing you to cook up a free range feast courtesy of Farmer’s Choice!


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