NEW from Farmer’s Choice: Isle of Wight Tomatoes

All of the fresh tomatoes available from the Farmer’s Choice online store are now grown on the sunny Isle of Wight! That’s right, we’ve partnered with the Tomato Stall to bring you delicious, fresh, juicy tomatoes directly from the Isle of Wight, plus a range of delicious related products.

Our new partners have been in business for over three decades, with their tomatoes becoming especially ripe and tasty due to the island’s climate and high sunshine levels. Like Farmer’s Choice, the Tomato Stall pride themselves on their eco-friendly, sustainable methods, and resultantly have been awarded Conservation Grade status.

Look out for the following brand new products from the Tomato Stall in our online store:


Tangy, tasty tomato ketchup that’s perfect for chips, burgers and hot dogs and sure to go down a storm at your next barbecue; Tomato and chilli ketchup for those who like a spicy kick to their sauce;

ts_chilketchup_square ts_ketchup_square

Pots of slow roasted tomatoes with basil, oak roasted tomatoes and oak roasted tomatoes with garlic which are just as satisfying on a pizza, in a pasta or as part of a mixed salad as they are to snack on;


basil green amendedts_oakroast_square ts_roastgarlic_square

…much like these colourful mixed baby plum tomatoes!

 mix plum diff shape

Head to the greengrocery and pantry sections of our online store to add these exciting new products to your basket, and find other quality products at fantastic prices from Farmer’s Choice free range!


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