Give the Kids a Sumptuous Farmer’s Choice Summer

The summer holidays are here, bringing with them a whole host of problems for parents: what will they do? Where will they go? And most importantly, what will they eat? Keeping kids both occupied and healthy during the summer can be tricky, what with long summer days to fill and the daily tinkle of the ice cream van tempting them – but with Farmer’s Choice, you can keep their tummies full and their brains busy!

Prepare a Picnic
A picnic can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere – so pack a delicious Farmer’s Choice smorgasbord pack, crackers about cheese pack, a fruit kebab kit and any other products you want into a picnic basket and enjoy. The kids will get a kick out of helping you pick and pack the food, and will enjoy getting out in the sun and combine playtime and mealtime. Should the British weather turn on you, a picnic is easily had indoors – and the best part? Paper plates and plastic cups means no washing up!


Fire up the barbecue
A barbecue is a great excuse to invite the kids’ friends and their families over, keeping the children entertained and simultaneously giving parents a break and a rare chance to socialise. For large occasions, opt for the BBQ essentials pack, which provides you with all the free range beef burgers, pork sausages, kebabs, chicken and more that you’ll need. Alternatively, opt for the BBQ basics pack for a smaller occasion. Also available are the salad pack, chicken combo pack, chops and ribs pack, BBQ fish pack or any of the other products on the summer barbecue page of our online store – whatever you need, Farmer’s Choice will have it.

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Fill them up with fruit, not fast food
The summer holidays can be a wearying time for parents having to deal with children’s pleas to be taken out to fast food restaurants daily. Don’t give in – give them their burger and hot dog fix with the Farmer’s Choice barbecue selection detailed above and they shouldn’t be craving any cheap and nasty variants, and when they ask for a snack, provide fruit. Go for our summer berries pack for healthy bites they’ll love popping in their mouths, or our exotic fruit pack for some Caribbean-themed snacks.

Cookery lessons
A child’s education doesn’t have to stop when they break up from school in July – why not teach them how to cook a range of tasty Farmer’s Choice recipes using our free range meat cuts, seafood and fresh vegetables? Kids love getting involved in preparing dinner, and in years to come when they’re living off of beans at university, they’ll thank you for it!

It’s perfectly possible to keep your kids well-fed and occupied throughout the summer months – in fact, you can keep a closer eye on what they’re eating, and introduce new, healthy food into their diets. Head to the online store to order your Farmer’s Choice products now and tell your kids to get ready for a sumptuous Farmer’s Choice summer!


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