Cook Up Some Caribbean Cuisine this Summer

The sun’s shining and summer is in full swing – what better way to celebrate by cooking up some cuisine befitting the glorious weather we’re enjoying? We at Farmer’s Choice have put together a Caribbean page, collecting all of your favourite Caribbean products from Farmer’s Choice together, so if you fancy cooking up some tasty Caribbean-style jerk chicken or salmon, or perhaps putting together a tropical fruit salad, there’s just one place to go. Check out the tasty Farmer’s Choice products we’re offering to allow you to embrace the spirit of the Caribbean this summer season:

Exotic Fruit Basket – contains pineapple, lemons, kiwi, mango, grapefruit and galia melon
Containing every kind of fruit you can conceivably imagine falling on your head as you relax under a tree in the Caribbean, this delicious fruit pack can be put to use making a fruity punch, some cocktails, exotic desserts, or a rather snazzy hat.


Caribbean Sauce Pack – contains Caribbean chutney, sweet chilli sauce and hot chilli sauce
All of Farmer’s Choice’s delicious Caribbean sauces come together in this fantastic pack. Adding our sweet chilli or (if you’re feeling brave) hot chilli sauce adds a real zest to a burger, while adding our Caribbean chutney to a chicken marinade will imbue it with a fresh, fruity, authentically Caribbean flavour.


Chicken Drumsticks/Chicken Leg Quarters/Chicken Quarters
Jerk chicken, chicken stew, chicken curry, BBQ chicken…the list of chicken dishes enjoyed in the Caribbean is endless. Farmer’s Choice’s free range chicken can be delivered to you in a range of marinades, and adding a little something from your Caribbean sauce pack for even more flavour is sure to delight your guests.


Chopped Stewing Goat
Goat is a common party dish in the Caribbean, particularly in Jamaica, so it’s a must if you want a true Caribbean dining experience. Tasting similar to lamb (albeit slightly leaner), goat is best slow-cooked in curries and stews.


There’s plenty more to choose from on our Caribbean section, and plenty more that you can do with the array of products on offer. Don’t be afraid to check out the rest of our online store for hundreds of great deals on free range meat, seafood, deli items, fresh fruit and vegetables, and our recipes section for plenty of delicious summer dishes to enjoy with your Farmer’s Choice products!


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