Do you know your chump from your chuck? Your loin from your leg?  Your breast from your belly? Join us for the final instalment of the ‘know your cuts’ series, as we take a look at the different cuts of free range lamb we offer.

    Cuts from this section:
    Lamb Noisette Chops, Lamb Kebab Noisette, Lamb Valentine Chop, Best-End Neck Stewing Lamb, Fillet of Lamb, Stewing Lamb, Lamb Neck Stewing Chops
    Ideal for a slow-cooked stew, cuts from the middle neck come with the bone left in, imbuing dishes with delicious additional flavours.
    Recipe idea: Pan Fried Lamb Fillet with Watercress Sauce

    Cuts from this section:
    Lamb Shoulder Cushion, Boned and Rolled Junior Lamb Shoulder, Half Lamb Shoulder, Boned and Rolled Half Lamb Shoulder, Boned and Rolled Whole Lamb Shoulder, Bone In Whole Lamb Shoulder, Whole Carvery Lamb Shoulder
    The shoulder is a big cut often sold in halves, either on the bone or boned and rolled. It is a very tender joint that’s best roasted or braised.
    Recipe idea: A Welsh Way with Lamb

    Cuts from this section
    : Lamb Best-End Neck Chop, Lamb Guard of Honour Fillet Joint, Lamb Neck Chop
    The best-end neck contains the first eight ribs of the lamb. Meat coming from this cut is lean and cooks quickly.
    Recipe idea: Lancashire Hot Pot

    Cuts from this section:
    Lamb Baby Back Ribs, Slow Roasting Lamb Breast, Boned and Rolled Slow Roasting Lamb Breast, Slow Roasting Stuffed Lamb Rings
    Taken from the underside of the lamb, this is a very fatty cut that should be cooked very slowly. Lamb breast cuts come with the bone in, and it can be pulled out once the meat is cooked.
    Recipe idea: Simple Slow Roasted Lamb Breast

  5. LOIN
    Cuts from this section:
    Boned and Rolled Lamb Loin, Boned and Rolled Lamb Medallion, Boned and Rolled Lamb Saddle, French Trim Rack of Lamb, Lamb Breakfast Chops, Lamb Butterfly Chop, Lamb Crown Roast, Lamb Loin, Lamb Loin Cannon, Lamb Loin Guard of Honour Joint
    The loin makes for a great joint to roast, but is equally delicious cut into individual lamb chops. Be sure to leave the bone in when cooking for extra flavour.
    Recipe idea:
    Lamb Chop Casserole

  6. CHUMP
    Cuts from this section:
    Lamb Chump Steak, Lamb Leg Chump Roast
    The chump is a smaller, boneless joint. Lean and boneless, this is a cut best enjoyed by two people with no waste afterwards.
    Recipe idea:
    Easy Peasy Lamb, Mushroom and Potatoes

  7. LEG
    Cuts from this section:
    Boned and Rolled Half Lamb Leg, Boned and Rolled Whole Lamb Leg, Diced Lamb, Half Lamb Leg, Lamb Leg Steak, Lamb Shank, Whole Leg of Lamb
    The perfect centrepiece for a dinner party, the lamb leg is firm and flavourful, and works just as well roasted as it does slow-cooked in a stew.
    Recipe idea:
    Roasted Leg of Lamb with Lemon and Thyme

Which of these delicious lamb cuts will you be ordering from our online shop? Will you be slavering over a shoulder or chewing on a chump? Whichever cut you choose, you’re guaranteed free range meat from responsibly reared animals. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the lamb section of our online store and pick up your lamb cuts from Farmer’s Choice!


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