The Farmer’s Choice guide to knowing your meat cuts continues this week as we move on to our delicious free range pork. Farmer’s Choice take their pork cuts from six different parts of pigs responsibly reared on free range partner farms such as Childhay Manor in Dorset. We work closely with these partner farms to ensure our customers only receive the best finest quality pork. But which is the cut for you?

    Cuts from this section:
    Pork Spare Rib Chop, Pork Spare Rib Joint, Pork Spare Rib Steak
    The neck end or ‘collar’ sits above the shoulder and is divided into the blade and the spare rib (not to be confused with the kind that go on the barbecue). This cut benefits from slow cooking.
    Recipe idea: Marinated Pork Chops

    Cuts from this section:
    Pork Shoulder with Bone In
    This part of the animal is more fatty than the leg and produces a succulent joint that’s perfect for a Sunday roast or slow-cooked until it’s melt-in-the-mouth tender.
    Recipe idea: Wild Boar in Cider(just substitute wild boar shoulder for a pork shoulder!)

  3. LOIN
    Cuts from this section:
    Pork Loin Joint, Pork Lattice Medallion, Pork Loin Rack with French Trim, Boned and Rolled Pork Loin Joint, Pork Loin Parcel, Pork Saddle Roast, Pork Breakfast Steak
    The most popular part of the pig, the loin can be divided into chops, boned and rolled loin, butterfly steaks and a number of other cuts. Many of these different parts of the loin can be quite thin and should be cooked quickly.
    Recipe idea: Pork Chop Casserole

  4. BELLY
    Cuts from this section:
    Pepper and Sea Salt Coated Pork Belly, Pork Belly Joint, Boned and Rolled Pork Belly Joint, Pork Belly Ring, Streaky Pork Slices, Oak Smoked Streaky Bacon, Pancetta, Dry Cured Streaky Bacon
    The belly offers a rich, succulent, fatty meat and can be cooked as a whole (provided your oven is big enough) or cut into that old British breakfast favourite, bacon.
    Recipe idea: Simple Slow Roasted Pork Belly

  5. CHUMP
    Cuts from this section:
    Pork Chump Steak, Skin-Off Pork Spatchcock Chump, Skin-On Pork Spatchcock Chump, Pork Ribeye Steak, Pork Spatchcock Chump Steak
    The chump comes from between the loin and the leg. It mostly comes cut as pork chops or pork steaks, though roasting the entire joint is delicious and definitely worth a try.
    Recipe idea: Pork and Potato Hot Pot

  6. LEG
    Cuts from this section:
    Pork Leg, Boned and Rolled Pork Leg, Pork Shank, Pork Topside Hedgehog, Pork Leg Steak, Pork Escalopes, Pork Schnitzel
    Often cured to make ham, meat from the leg is also often used to make pork steaks and gammon. Meat from the leg is leaner than that of the belly or shoulder and thus needs less time to cook.
    Recipe idea: Smoky Indian Pulled Pork

Now that you know everything you need to about the different pork cuts available from Farmer’s Choice, which will you be choosing from our online shop? Hurry and place your order for your pork cuts plus other free range meat cuts, fresh vegetables, deli items and more from Farmer’s Choice online butcher!


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