Get Outdoors and Eat Al Fresco

The sun’s out and summer’s here! Whether it’s a barbecue, picnic or camping trip, if you’re a Briton, chances are you start dining al fresco as soon as you get the chance. Nothing matches enjoying a good meal outdoors, with this summer’s World Cup and Wimbledon all the more reason to get friends over and enjoy some dinner.

Strawberry Shortcakes - Marie Rayner

Everybody loves al fresco dining – the kids can play games with their friends, and grownups can get a bit of colour in their cheeks while they dine. Dining outdoors also provides the opportunity to enjoy food you wouldn’t normally eat – you’d have to be mad to fire up the barbecue in the middle of November! At Farmer’s Choice, we love outdoor dining as much as you do – that’s why we’re offering a range of great deals on food perfect for outdoor dining, including £2 off our BBQ Essentials pack, plus a special World Cup pack and much more to enjoy.


We’re even giving you the opportunity to win the Farmer’s Choice World Cup pack, worth over £50! Head over to Feeding Boys for all the details of this exciting competition. The lucky winner will have their free World Cup pack delivered for them in time for the final on July 13, meaning you can fire up the barbie and enjoy.


So, how else can you enjoy your delicious Farmer’s Choice products in the great outdoors?


Back Garden Barbecue: How else would you enjoy your Farmer’s Choice BBQ pack? A barbecue provides a casual, laid-back ambience that is quintessentially summer. All you need are your tongs and either a permanent or disposable barbecue grill to prepare tasty Farmer’s Choice chicken, beef,  lamb and whatever other meats you wish. Make sure you’ve got enough burger buns and drinks for everybody and you’re in business!


Summer Picnics: Pack a Farmer’s Choice smorgasbord pack or deli platter pack into a picnic basket and head to the park for a lovely summer picnic. There’s nothing quite like a lazy Saturday enjoying cold meats, crackers, bread and cheese – just don’t forget the picnic blanket and your suncream in case you fall asleep in the sun!


Al fresco Dinner: If you’re looking for a small, more intimate dinner affair on your patio table, prepare a light salad bowl using Farmer’s Choice’s fresh vegetables along with some tasty grilled fish. Al fresco dining is not about preparing fancy dishes, but making a light meal from fresh produce and presenting it with flair.


There are plenty of reasons to arrange an outdoor party for your friends and family this time of the year. Al fresco eating is less about the formality and more about enjoying the outdoors, the sun, fresh air and open space – so put on your summer wardrobe and start preparing to start dining al fresco with Farmer’s Choice online butchers!


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