The Farmer’s Choice Countdown to Easter, Week 3: HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!

The big weekend is finally here! With the sun and warm weather starting to arrive, two whole days off work to look forward to, and plenty of chocolate eggs for children and grown-ups alike to scoff, we at Farmer’s Choice online butchers love Easter – and that’s without even getting into the delicious range of Easter recipes we’ll be cooking up using our free range meat products and fresh vegetables from the online store!

The most popular meat dish to enjoy at Easter is lamb. The tradition of Easter Sunday roast lamb is older than Easter itself, dating back to the first Jewish Passover, where the sacrificial lamb was roasted and eaten with bread and herbs. The rise of Christianity saw many Hebrews convert to this faith, bringing their traditions with them: thus when Christians began to celebrate the resurrection of Christ – the “Lamb of God” at Easter, the tradition of eating lamb remained.

Roasted Leg of lamb with Lemonand Thyme - Easter Recipe - Marie Rayner

Nowadays, people tend to think of eggs before lamb at Easter, but many families still sit down to enjoy roast lamb on Easter Sunday. This year, why not serve up our recipe for roasted leg of lamb with lemon and thyme? Use Farmer’s Choice’s whole leg of lamb and cook for two hours to enjoy an utterly sublime Easter Sunday dinner.

Time’s running out for you to place your orders for your free range meat, fresh vegetables, deli products and pantry items in time for Easter. To do so, head to the online shop, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button underneath your selected items and head to the checkout at the top right of the page.


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