Pancake Day is almost upon us! Whether it’s circled on your calendar months beforehand or you’re surprised to find out it’s the big day and find yourself rushing around looking for ingredients before they sell out, everybody’s a fan of Shrove Tuesday.

Pancake Day occurs yearly on the Tuesday of the seventh week before Easter, and is traditionally celebrated as pancakes are a perfect way to use up foods such as sugar, eggs and milk before the fasting season of lent. Here in the UK, the day was once a “half-holiday.” Church bells would ring at eleven o’clock in the morning to signal the beginning of the holiday and to remind housewives to begin preparing their pancake batter, and was thus known as the “pancake bell.” It was once believed that the first three pancakes prepared were sacred – these pancakes were marked with a cross and put to one side to ward off evil spirits, and in the Midlands, it was thought that given the first pancake made to the chickens would ensure their fertility for the next year. The biggest pancake in history was made in Rochdale in 1994 – it was fifteen metres in diameter and weighed three tonnes. Tasty!

This year at Farmer’s Choice, we’re not feeding our pancakes to the chickens and we’re not too worried about evil spirits, nor are we having a pancake race. We’re celebrating Pancake Day with two brand new pancake recipes from Marie Rayner:

Bacon and Polenta Pancakes
This delicious recipe uses polenta to create a thicker, more robust pancake, in which the batter is mixed with tasty Farmer’s Choice free range bacon and cooked to perfection, before being liberally drizzled with yummy maple syrup and butter. Just as good served for breakfast as for dessert on Pancake Day, this recipe is sure to leave you wanting more.

Bacon and Polenta Pancakes Recipefor Pancake Day - Marie Rayner

Big Breakfast Supper Waffles
If you have a waffle iron, pour in your pancake batter and create this recipe for an indulgent Pancake Day breakfast with bacon, eggs, tomatoes and plenty of tasty cheese. If not, simply make regular pancakes – it’ll still be a delicious, filling breakfast for all the family to kick off Pancake Day.

Big Breakfast Supper Waffles -Pancake Day Recipe - Marie Rayner

These Pancake Day recipes are slightly on the unorthodox side, and of course there’s always the option of simply serving up the classic pancake recipe on the big day. Elegant in its simplicity and wonderfully cheap to make, all you need is flour, sugar, milk, butter and eggs, plus whichever of the endless topping options you choose. For best results, use our free range eggs from Swanmore, Hampshire for your batter. For your toppings, try our fruits and berries, cheeses, and either our dry cured or oak smoked bacon – the choice is endless!

Pancake Day this year is on Tuesday, March 4 – so you’ve no time to lose. Make sure you’ve ordered all of your products from Farmer’s Choice in time for the big day!


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