Valentine’s Day is the traditional time of year to express our adoration for that special someone in our lives. Many couples choose to eat out for their Valentine’s Day dinner, but we at Farmer’s Choice think this is all-advised. Restaurants on Valentine’s Day are packed, expensive, and eager to rush you out and get the next customers in. A much better expression of love is to make something for your partner – and what better way to do that than serving up a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner made from Farmer’s Choice’s delicious, healthy and affordable range of free range meat products, seafood, vegetables, and deli products?

Cooking up a free range feast requires a lot of planning: do you keep it a surprise or tell your partner? What drinks will you serve? What music will you play? Well leave those decisions up to you, but we can help with the most important of all: what will you serve? At Farmer’s Choice free range, we’ve got a Valentine’s Day recipe for everybody.

Cook the Perfect Steak
Steak is a fairly safe bet for Valentine’s Day – but many people think the process of cooking a steak is easy and don’t pay it enough attention, resulting in a steak that hasn’t been cooked to its full potential. This recipe from Marie Rayner advises readers on how to cook the perfect steak for a perfect Valentine’s Day. Simply select a steak to cook from our range of beef steaks and choose which delicious fresh vegetables to serve it with from our greengrocery.

Gammon Steaks with a Tangy Gherkin Sauce
Add a touch of class to another regular staple of the meat-eater’s diet by serving up this unique gammon dish. Forgo the fried egg and pineapple which, while delicious, says “Friday night in February,” and make a delicious tangy gherkin sauce, which says “special, romantic, magical evening.” For best results, you’ll need a delicious free range Farmer’s Choice gammon steak.

Port and Cherry Sauced Pork Cutlets
With the port and cherry sauce, which also contains raspberry jam, imbuing your free range Farmer’s Choice pork tenderloin with that lovely deep shade of red that goes hand-in-hand with the occasion, this is a perfect dish for Valentine’s Day.

Teriyaki Cod with Wasabi Mash
Few things will impress your partner more than surprising her with this unique Valentine’s Day dish. Much easier to prepare than it sounds, the wasabi mash will certainly spice up the evening.

These are just four examples of simple, delicious, healthy and affordable meals to be cooked for Valentine’s Day using Farmer’s Choice free range products. If they don’t take your fancy, head to our recipes page, where there are dozens more easy-to-follow recipes to wow your woman or charm your chap using delicious free range goods from the Farmer’s Choice shop.

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love free range food, and so should you – celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with Farmer’s Choice!


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