Celebrate Sausage Week with Farmer’s Choice

Happy sausage week! Everybody loves sausages – carnivores, fussy eaters and gourmet diners, kids and grownups alike. That’s why this month at Farmer’s Choice we’re celebrating sausages in all their hearty, warming goodness – perfect for the winter season. So, whether you’re a one-flavour, supermarket-sausage-eater or whether you fancy yourself as something of a sausage connoisseur, celebrate sausages here with us at Farmer’s Choice!


Sausage can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the prevailing sausage form will always be the long, thin, cylindrical ‘banger,’ a term designated to them due to their tendency to ‘explode’ whilst cooking due to the shrinkage of their tight skin. Square sausages called ‘Lorne sausages’ are particularly popular in Scotland, and no butchers shop would be complete without the sight of a traditional sausage curl on a stick. Greater still than the array of shapes and sizes one can find sausages in is the array of flavours available besides the traditional pork sausage – at Farmer’s Choice we provide delicious lamb sausages, beef sausages, pork and leek sausages, pork and sweet chilli sausages, gluten free sausages, and much more.

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The array of dishes which can be cooked with sausages is extensive, and many simple recipes for sausages can be found on our recipes page. Why not try an exotic sausage, bacon and turkey curry, minted lamb sausages, or a saucy beef sausage and broccoli bake? Classic traditional uses for sausages also include in fry-ups, hot dogs, and that great British classic, bangers and mash.

The sausage isn’t just a staple of the British diet – sausages are eaten the world over. Chinese lap cheong are sausages which taste like pepperoni but with a much sweeter flavour, and in Japan, where popular British sausages such as beef and pork are not widely eaten, a fish sausage called kamaboko is popular. In Australia, where English sausages are known as ‘snags,’ the kangaroo sausage is emerging in popularity due to its much lower fat content. Mexico has contributed chorizo to the global sausage community, which is often used in burritos, tacos and risotto, and in the United States, the frankfurter is the most common form of sausage, eaten in a roll as a hot dog or served deep-fried on a stick as a corn dog. The frankfurter, along with bratwurst, rindswurst, bockwurst, and knackwurst sausages, originated in Germany, which can take the credit for the invention of over one thousand other types of sausage.

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There really is a sausage for everyone, and by using Farmer’s Choice you can rest assured that all of our sausage meat has come from animals sustainably reared on free range farms, producing some of the most delicious sausages available. So head to the sausage month page in our shop, make your selection and celebrate sausages this month with Farmer’s Choice Free Range Butchers!


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