Celebrate Curry Month with Farmer’s Choice

This October is Curry Month at Farmer’s Choice online butchers – that time of year when we celebrate perhaps the most versatile and delicious cuisine available by combining our delicious British free range meats, fresh vegetables, condiments, stocks and sauces with exotic Indian recipes.


Does anybody know anybody that doesn’t like curry? There really is something for everyone in the vast canon of this Indian delight – there are the phals, tindaloos, vindaloos (which challenge many brave-comers to finish the dish without breaking a sweat, or worse); whilst at the other end of the spectrum, a rogan josh or korma offers an option to those who wish to enjoy the exotic tastes and aromas of Indian cuisine without ending the meal in tears. Curries can be filled with any meat or can offer a vegetarian option, they can also be served wet or dry with a number of additional sides, can be sweet, sour or savoury, and can be served hot or cold, spicy or mild. With such an array of options available, one would be hard-pressed to find a suitable curry option for even the fussiest of eaters.

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It’s a common misconception that curry is purely a product of India – in fact, curries originate from across South Asia, and countries such as Japan, China, South Africa, the Philippines, Thailand, Ethiopia, Germany and Mexico have their own distinct varieties of curry. Here in England, the invention of the balti has been accredited to a restaurant in Birmingham and chicken tikka masala has even been described as our ‘national dish.’


Celebrating curry month with us is easy. Head to our recipes page and take a look at the selection of recipes provided by TheCurryGuy and other friends of Farmer’s Choice – some are traditional tasty curry dishes that everybody will know and love, such as lamb curry, turkey curry, prawn balti and chicken and spinach curry, and there are also interesting and unusual options to try, such as tandoori guinea fowl, tandoori pigeon, pan seared cod in curry sauce, and Indian-style buffalo wings. Once you’ve selected what you’re going to make, head to the curry month section of the shop and add your recipe’s pack to your cart. Alternatively, if you’re thinking of creating a curry recipe of your own, select items individually from the shop – and make sure you let us know which tasty curry dish you’ve created!


All Farmer’s Choice meat products are sourced from handpicked British farmers who practice responsible, sustainable farming methods, so you can rest assured that your free range meat products are of the highest standard. Once you’ve placed your order, it will be blast-frozen to seal in the flavour, placed in one of our chiller vans and delivered to you as quickly as possible, meaning that before long you and your family will be enjoying curry month with Farmer’s Choice!


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