Cook Up a Caribbean Carnival This Summer

Bring a little tropical, West Indian flavour to your meals this summer. At Farmer’s Choice we’re celebrating all things Caribbean, with a special Caribbean food section on our site dedicated to offering you delicious ingredients for cooking up a Caribbean meal or just adding a bit of Jamaican spice to your food.

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Caribbean food is actually a fusion of all sorts of cuisines. It’s a mix of African, European, East Indian, and even Chinese cuisines traditionally, although now Caribbean food has developed its own identity. Famous for its goat curries, ox-tail stews, jerk chicken, grilled fish and coconut infused dishes, every bit of Caribbean food seems to exude sunshine and tropical climes. So why not try and bring some of that delicious heat to your kitchen?


At Farmer’s Choice we have put together a selection of exotic, Caribbean food for you to try making some West Indian recipes with. You’ll be able to buy free range chicken in quarters, legs or drumsticks for making delicious jerk chicken dishes, or why not try some chopped goat meat for a goat curry? You can also buy some oxtails, which are ideal for making Caribbean stews or curries too.


If you want to go for a lighter, healthier Caribbean option, you can also try grilled fish. We’re offering plain cod fillets in our Caribbean section, but you could easily use another fish like snapper, beam or salmon.


The best way to cook your Caribbean meat or fish is to give it a blast on the barbeque. Cover it in your choice of marinade – maybe jerk or a fruity sauce, or you could try Farmer’s Choice’s very own Caribbean chutney, and then grill it until cooked and sizzling.


To finish off your Caribbean feast you can refresh your palette with some juicy, exotic fruit. You can choose from pineapples, mangoes, grapefruits, kiwis, melons, limes, coconuts, lemons and watermelons; all great for giving you that tropical, colourful Caribbean feel! If you can’t decide on which fruits to go for, Farmer’s Choice offer an exotic fruit basket, full of fruit that’s perfect for putting together a Caribbean cocktail! Or, take inspiration from the Caribbean people and use some of these exotic fruit flavours in your savoury dishes.

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However you are using your Caribbean ingredients; make sure to make it spicy, exotic and flavoursome. Share your Caribbean recipes with us here, or on Facebook and Twitter too!


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