Have a Ribbing Good Time with Ribs

Grilled, roasted, fried or smoked – ribs are a real crowd pleaser and can be prepared all year round. However, they are known as summertime favourites and are essential to every summer  party. So if you’re planning on having a ribbing good time with some tasty ribs this summer read on for our complete guide to ribs!

Ribs, whether pork, lamb or beef, are basically a thin layer of meat that are stuck to the bone and often cooked as a slab. They can be prepared in a variety of ways to suit all preferences; either on the BBQ, in the oven or even in a slow cooker. As well as this, they also come in different cuts to best suit the various cooking styles.

From spare ribs to meaty back ribs, here’s our guide to the different rib cuts you need to know.


Pork Ribs: There are two main types of pork ribs that are available, depending on the section of rib cage from which they are cut.

  1. Pork Meaty Spare Ribs – This is one of the most widely available pork rib cuts obtained from the underbelly of the pig. They are cut as close to the bone as possible and are the most fatty of all pork ribs. Although they are less meaty, they are regarded as one of the most flavoursome rib cuts due to the amount of fat present.
  2. Baby Back Ribs – They are also known as back ribs or loin back ribs and are cut from the rib end, close to the backbone. As compared to the spare ribs, they are leaner, meatier and are often used in barbecue.


Although there are different ways to prepare ribs, one of the most classical methods is slow-cooking in a wood-burning barbecue or smoker. Alternately, you can also roast the ribs in an oven or simmer on the stove. The cooked meat can then be marinated with various spices and sauces like barbecue sauce, tomato sauce, Tobasco, vinegar, garlic or ginger, and finished on the grill. For a great ribs recipe check out the meal idea featured on our website for roast rib of beef with red wine gravy – just one of the ways you can cook up a tasty rib dish!

So, prepare different mouth-watering recipes from rib cuts ordered from Farmer’s Choice Free Range UK. Our meat butchers ensure that you get quality, free range meat products delivered right at your doorstep, quickly and safely.


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