It’s Game on for Gammon

Gammon, with its delicious smoky flavour, is one of the most versatile meats. The juicy, succulent taste of a gammon joint is unique and blends perfectly with both savoury vegetables and sweet fruits. There is nothing like a good gammon served with an accompaniment of roasted potatoes, fried eggs, pineapple or poached apples. In fact, this meat joint is a great choice for the summer season; either in a sandwich or served with a light salad or risotto.


Derived from the hind legs of a pig that has been cured, gammon joints can be prepared in different ways. The main difference between traditional ham and gammon is the way they are cured. Although, both the meat cuts are cured in brine, ham is prepared after cutting the meat while gammon is cut after curing. Additionally, gammon is sold raw and needs to be cooked while ham is sold ready for eating.


Gammon Meat Cuts

Gammon meat is available in a wide range of smoked and unsmoked cuts, with or without the bone. Although all cuts of gammon are equally delicious, the boned joints are easier to cook and great for carving. At Farmer’s Choice Free Range, we offer a range of popular gammon cuts including diced gammon, gammon shank, gammon joint and gammon steak. Although most people don’t think beyond the traditional roasted gammon steak or baked gammon, this meat joint is so versatile that it can be prepared and cooked in a variety of ways, and used for a great range of recipes.




Gammon Recipe Ideas

Gammon steak grill is a popular meal idea which can be prepared by pairing the meat with citrus fruit flavours like an orange juice or pineapple juice-based marinade. You can also prepare a glazed gammon roast by carefully removing the skin of the joint, painting it with glaze using a pastry brush and then roasting in an oven for around 20 minutes. A gammon joint can also be boiled by placing it in a water-filled pan under high flame. You can also add a few bay leaves, cloves or black peppercorns to add flavour to the dish. Once the water starts boiling, reduce the heat and simmer till the meat is cooked thoroughly. You can’t beat a classic gammon roast though, and to get the perfect roast gammon shank, check out the recipe featured on our site, provided by Jana Steinhagen (@Janaspice on Twitter). To get your gammon ingredients you just need to visit our online shop where you’ll find, great quality, free range, British meat and produce. At Farmer’s Choice, all our gammon meat is produced from carefully bred, free range British pigs and cured using traditional techniques. Once you place your order online, our local delivery service will ensure that you get your food quickly and safely, so you can start enjoying your gammon straight away!


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