Fresh Week 13th – 19th May

Did you know it’s Fresh Week this week? From 13th to the 19th May Tefal are encouraging people to go fresh and only cook meals from fresh and healthy ingredients. This means avoiding ready meals and processed food for the whole week and sticking to meals and snacks exclusively made from fresh ingredients. Tefal are encouraging as many people as possible to get involved and if you want to participate you can make the pledge to eat unprocessed food for the week.

At Farmer’s Choice we want to encourage our customers to join in, this week and after, and we think ordering from our greengrocer section is a great place to start! You can pick up a whole variety of vegetables, fruit, salad and herbs that have all been locally sourced and selected just for you. If you want to have lots of ideas and options for making your meals for Fresh Week, why not choose one of our veg boxes or fruit hampers? We pack them full of seasonal products that should last you all week. We’ll deliver them straight to your door or a designated delivery place so you can get cooking fresh meals straight away.


Even if you don’t manage to make the pledge for Fresh Week this week, you can always hold your own Fresh Week with your family at another time. It’s a great way to explore new dishes and ingredients. For example, have you tried making vegetable kebabs for a quick and easy meal? It’s so simple with Farmer’s Choice because you can order a Veg Kebab Kit to get all the ingredients in one go and hey-presto! – you have a fun, barbeque meal with tasty and fresh vegetables.

Eating fresh doesn’t have to be all about fruit and vegetables either. You can order free range meat and fish from Farmer’s Choice to accompany your fruit and veg, and it will be as fresh as possible. We receive all our products straight from our partner farmers and prepare it on site. We then seal in the freshness by freezing our meat and fish, before sending it out to you. Your free range and responsibly sourced produce will get to you as fresh as it was when we froze it and ready to be cooked, then eaten and enjoyed!

So, if you can, try to go fresh this week to enjoy the taste of meals and snacks made by just nature and you! If you want inspiration for delicious and easy recipes to make from your fresh ingredients, you can always visit ourrecipes page – filled with recipes by the Farmer’s Choice team, fellow food enthusiasts, chefs and customers.

Let us know how you get on.


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