The Suns out so make the most of it

As the sun made an appearance over the bank holiday weekend and we’re never quite sure when that will happen again, like most I dusted off the BBQ and fired it up.
Luckily I  already had  waiting patiently in the freezer one of our BBQ essential packs, so I decided on Friday to add one of our BBQ Kebab Pack and Veg Kebab Kits into the mix and invite the whole family around.
As expected everybody attended as lets face it who refuse barbecued food on a hot sunny day?
The kebabs went down a  storm and were so easy to make with the meat pre-marinaded.
Just a little bit of chopping required for the Veg Kebab Kit, bring them together of the skewers and they where done, simply served with side salad and pitta bread.
Scotch Peppered rump steak
Scotch Steak Burger
Free Range Pork Sausage and Minty Lamb SausagesIMG_3070
BBQ Chicken Drumsticks and Piri Piri Chicken Wings
A nice helping of Locally sourced New Potatoes tossed in butter
So order a BBQ pack today and store it away, as you never know when the sun will show its face again and you want to make the most of it.

4 thoughts on “The Suns out so make the most of it

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