Home made in season rhubarb crumble


What better way to finish a nice weekend than with some in season English rhubarb crumble.

I like to keep things simple when cooking and this recipe is just that.

Ingredients: 6 x sticks of rhubarb cut into 3-4cm, 200g flour, 100g butter, 100g sugar, 1 xtbsp ground ginger, a sprinkle of water.

Method add the cut rhubarb to an oven dish sprinkle with water and sugar and place in a preheated oven 180oc, cook for 10 minutes.


Remove from oven and add ground ginger and mix.

Rub flour, sugar and butter together until a crumb is formed, cover the rhubarb mixture with crumb and place back into the oven for 25-30 minutes until crumb has browned.


Remove from oven and allow to cool whist you hand whip double cream.


Serve, yummy


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