The Great British Beef Week



The Great British Beef Week organised by ‘Ladies in Beef’ founders Minette Batters and Jilly Greed, is a key event for promoting the quality and versatility of British beef to consumers across the British Isles. Coinciding with St George’s Day (23rd April) each year, the event is celebrated across the UK and is supported nationally by some of the region’s biggest supermarket retailers.

Established in the year 2011, Ladies in Beef is an organisation of female beef farmers that seeks to promote and raise awareness about British beef through special events and a country-wide network of dynamic spokeswomen. The group was launched in London in March 2011. Since then, the organisation has been working to increase consumer support of the British beef industry through various ways and also champion the supply beef to all suppliers.

The celebration of the Great British Beef Week is a great way to support British beef farmers across the country. The main focus of the event is not only to promote the production of delicious beef products but also to ensure the welfare of the animals and protection of the environment. By buying from British farmers, you can also support local businesses and thereby help in the growth process of the nation’s economy. As well as this, you also know where your meat is coming from and that your purchased beef products are fresh, free-range and British. This is particularly important in the wake of the recent horsemeat scandal, due to which customers are seeking more information regarding the traceability of various meat products. This discovery of horsemeat in beef products has completely shaken customer’s confidence in processed meat products from foreign factories, therefore creating tremendous opportunities in the British beef industry.


The 2013 Great British Beef Week, celebrated from 21st – 27th April, is therefore a fitting time to promote British beef among consumers and speak up about the various nutritional benefits of a truly traceable product. This year, the Ladies in Beef group has joined forces with the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI), a charity group which supports farming families in financial difficulty through public donations and fundraising events. You can also support the cause and raise funds for RABI by ‘hosting a roast’ for friends and family and asking people to make a donation to help the agricultural charity’s work with farming families in financial difficulty.

Alternately, you can support the Great British Beef Week and British Beef farmers by buying tender British beef from Farmer’s Choice Meat Butchers. Our Scottish Beef cattle are reared in complete free range conditions and are matured to the bone to ensure a great taste. In addition to beef, you can also order other meat products online: fish, poultry, vegetables and more, and make use of our home delivery services. So buy British with beef from Farmer’s Choice today and you’ll be helping famers, the beef industry and our own economy!


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