October visit to the west country

I love going out to meet up with our farmers especially when its in my favourite part of the country, Dorset and Somerset.

First of all  I went to Childhay Manor, just north of Bridport, Dorset, to catch up with Will & Kate Frost whom over the past 6 months have been busy running our Free Range Goat flock.

Why Goat Meat?

This came about as Will & Kate have been producing Goat milk for cheese for a number of years now and have always been saddened that the male offspring of the milking flock have to be destroyed at birth, as they were seen as surplus to requirements?

We also agreed that this is a waste, and as free range farmers the goats deserved to be treated better by us. All our goat meat now comes from the male offspring of the milking flock and is given the opportunity to live a free range life.

Another happy free range goat


This is where you come in! All we ask is that you try some of our fantastic free range goat meat as you won’t be disappointed.


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