New Free Range Farm Is Welcomed To The Fold

We’re always busy looking for local free range farms to supply our customers with the best free range meat around.

Over the past few months we’ve been busy looking for a local free range supplier of pork to help us meet our bacon needs.

We are more than happy to say that we have made a decision and would like to welcome Scott Free Range to our fold.

Located not far from us in West Sussex,  ( Downsview Farm, Clay Lane, Cootham)  Scotts Free Range ticks all the boxes.

Their pigs are Born and reared outdoors and are Free Range Quality Assured, they enjoy fresh air, freedom and a natural, additive free diet throughout their lives.

“We have un-stressed, healthy pigs that are free to roam and can get on to do what they do best – eat, sleep and dig!”  Richard Scott (Owner) of Scott Free Range.

Look out for ‘Scott Free Range’ on your Farmers Choice Labels  soon, and taste the quality of West Sussex Pork.


Why not drop in to Scott free range as they are having an open day on 19th August


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