Last Day’s Catch From The Orkney Isles

The last day’s catch has traditionally always been for the Orkney Islanders, but due to the close relationship Farmers Choice has built up with the Orkney Isles over the past 20 years,  they have been providing our customers with this precious catch.

Jason Schofield the skipper of the islands only registered fish trawler, ‘The Viking Monarchs’, freezes its catch at sea to encapsulate the flavours.

Orkney Fish cut and packed their fish just for Farmers Choice Free Range Ltd customers on the Island. Look out for the label on your next Farmers Choice Fish Order.

Responsible Fishing Scheme

Jason’s Vessel the Viking Monarchs is a member of the Responsible Fishing Scheme an independent audited assessment
The scheme certifies vessels that respect and created to improve overall standards within the catching sector.
It covers good fishing practices, the vessel, the crew and the impact they have on the environment.


The sustainability of our fishing is central to our thinking Situated at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea, Orkney has a thriving marine environment.

Jason Catches a wide range of fish for Farmers Choice this includes Haddock (which can be smoked on the Island), Kippers, Cod, Monkfish and many more. We also supply Orkney Island Salmon and Smoked Salmon.


Today Orkneys fishermen have a deep-seated knowledge of good quality fish as well as an understanding and respect for their local waters from over 5,000 years of sea-faring tradition. It’s not all about harvesting the seas however, our fishermen know that future-friendly fishing practices are essential to maintain the resource for generations to come.



Jason is acutely aware of the importance of preserving fish stocks for the future and has for some time been using larger mesh sized nets to ensure the juvenile fish remain in the sea.
Jasons boat the Norlantean ll fishes in the waters around the Orkney and Faroe islands all year round. Fishing trips range from 7 to 10 day’s, depending mainly on weather and seasonal fish migrations.

Minimal Discard

Jason has a policy that he does not discard any fish back into the sea, he fishes with a reasonable quota.
For example if he catches good quantities of cod and doesn’t want to catch any more in his trip, he will simply move on to areas that he knows cod will not be found.
As well as very good knowledge of the fishing grounds he works, Jason’s fishes with a government recognised trawl which has been designed to significantly reduce the catching of cod.


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