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Big Spud

veal escalopes in marsala sauce with new potatoes and broccoli

I really like veal, but it’s always been so hard for me to get. You might find a tiny Dutch scrap in a supermarket, and my experiences with local butchers have been frankly embarrassing. Farmer’s Choice recently sent me some veal to try out and I wasn’t disappointed. It was tender and savoury, with a wonderful loose texture.

I’ve paired it here with a classic ingredient: Marsala wine. I keep a bottle in my cupboard permanently, and it lasts me about a year. It’s perfect in sweet and savoury dishes where you need a smooth, sweet flavour. It enhances the sweetness of the meat and makes a great combination.

Farmer’s Choice rosé veal is available from their site.

Veal escalopes in marsala sauce with garlic new potatoes and broccoli (serves 2):

250g baby new potatoes, sliced in half

20g butter

2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed

2 rosemary sprigs, leaves…

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