Visit to Adlington Turkey Farm

With just a little over 11 weeks till Christmas it seemed the right time of year to go visit Rod at Pheasant Oak Farm to see how our Turkeys are getting on.

Rod’s grandparents originally started farming turkeys back in 1956 and the long-established traditional turkey farming methods learned and passed down shines through at their farm in Warwickshire. The office is a nice mix of the old and the new – the girls are in the old milking shed, a nice touch.

office at adlington

adlington office

After a quick catch-up and coffee, we donned our welly boots and Rod took us on a guided tour of the farm.  En route Rod explained that the turkeys are free to roam now, and that only reason they were kept in the barn previously, and it’s not rocket science, before they reach nine weeks old they can fit through the wire fences!  They can also fly, a couple of turkeys were hanging around outside their paddocks so Rob gave them a helping hand back in.

These turkeys get 5* accommodation with a level of care that is unrivalled. The turkeys are all raised by hand using techniques that Adlington has perfected over two generations.  They seem very content in their open air abodes with access to water and food at all times.

adlington award winning turkeys

free range adlington award-winning turkeys

Inquisitive little guys to, they didn’t think twice about surrounding us and trying to get a taste of the welly boots, not nearly as tasty as the ingredients in their diet; cereals plus whole and natural crushed oats from neighbouring farmers (keeping it local). Rod explained that the combination offers high health benefits to the flock with their slow burn fats ensuring the highest quality and flavoursome meat.  Combine this with traditional game hanging and low stress production methods and you will definitely look forward to a succulent and juicy bird this Christmas.

1st Day of Autumn

Autumn has begun to make its presence felt which usually signifies the return of the English Apple. Here at Farmer’s Choice the Braeburn and Russet have just arrived joining the Cox and Gala making four English eating apples ready to order online.

Instead of just tucking into them why not make a luxurious apple sauce to go with our Boned and Rolled Leg of Pork, or you could follow the recipe for ‘Simple Slow Roasted Pork Belly‘ from Noel Roche on our Recipe Pages.

As an alternative you could create a family pudding – apple and blackberry crumble.  Whatever takes your fancy, the apples are ready for you now.

Farmers Choice Autumn English Apples

Braeburn and Russet

In addition to these products, there’s plenty more on offer in the Farmer’s Choice online store. Fill up your cart with free range meat, seafood, fruit and veg and more and we’ll have it delivered to your door as quickly as possible, allowing you to cook up a free range feast courtesy of Farmer’s Choice!

Send the Kids Back to School with Farmer’s Choice

Sad but true – summer is coming to an end! Yes, it’s time to pack the barbecue away, return your flip-flops to the back of the cupboard and start planning the shopping trips for new school uniforms.. But whether you’re sorry to see the sun go away for another six months or can’t wait until it’s all over and the kids are back at school, Farmer’s Choice is here to help with products, recipes and competitions to ensure that one thing you don’t have to worry about when the new term begins is what the kids are eating.


In conjunction with English Mum, we’re offering one lucky winner a Farmer’s Choice family essentials pack worth nearly £60 and containing all you need to keep the kids well-fed with Farmer’s Choice recipes after school. All you need to do is take a look at the family essentials pack, and tell English Mum in a comment how you’d serve up the products available – so even If you don’t win the meat pack, you might get some useful ideas for a family teatime! You can earn extra entries by liking Farmer’s Choice on Facebook and following Farmer’s Choice on Twitter – don’t forget to let English Mum know in a comment!

The giveaway ends at 9am on Monday 1st September, and the winner’s pack will be with them as quickly as possible, allowing them to cook up countless healthy free range dinners.


We’ve also managed to source some handy back-to-school recipes from our regular contributors. Easy Cheesy Topped Burgers are a quick, easy and healthy way to feed hungry mouths after a long day at school – and when made with quality Farmer’s Choice free range beef and fresh vegetables, the kids will never want the nasty fast food alternative again. Macaroni Cheese and Bacon Frittata, meanwhile, is another kids’ favourite that tastes just as good piping hot on the table or decantered cold into their lunchboxes. There are plenty more delicious recipes suitable for kids available from Farmer’s Choice – just visit the recipes section.


To start shopping for Farmer’s Choice’s array of free range meat cuts, fresh vegetables, seafood, deli products, pantry items, fresh fruit and more, just head to the online store. Farmer’s Choice’s 100% free range products are superior to off-the-shelf supermarket goods for young brains – perfect for the new school year.

What’s New this Week from Farmer’s Choice?

At Farmer’s Choice online butchers, we’re always bringing in exciting new products to supplement our existing range of free range meat products, seafood, fresh vegetables, deli products, pantry items, stocks, sauces and more. This week, we’ve got more from our new friends at Isle of Wight tomatoes, plus another addition to our range of delicious cheeses and plenty more.

Diced Mutton and Chopped Stewing Mutton
Our lamb and goat ranges have proved so popular that we’ve decided to introduce mutton as well. Best slow-cooked in a stew, mutton is tougher and has a stronger flavour than lamb or goat – what isn’t different about it is that it’s still 100% free range.

Fennel Bulb
At its best in late summer, fennel has a strong aniseed flavour that makes it a tasty, distinctive element in a summer salad.


Twineham Grange Parmesan Cheese
A delicious addition to our range of cheeses, Twineham Grange parmesan is perfect for a cheeseboard or grated over pastsa. What makes this parmesan unique, however, is the use of vegetarian rennet in place of animal rennet, meaning this is the only cheese of its kind to be Vegetarian Society-approved.


Oak-Roasted Tomato Balsamic Vinegar and Special Mixed Tomatoes
More from our friends at the Tomato Stall on the Isle of Wight. Their oak-roasted balsamic vinegar is made by marinading their delicious Isle of Wight tomatoes in Balsamic of Modena for a minimum of two weeks, resulting in a unique flavour which works fantastically when drizzled over a salad. A punnet of their sweet, brightly-coloured mixed tomatoes is sure to brighten up any salad.

In addition to these new products, there’s plenty more on offer in the Farmer’s Choice online store. Fill up your cart with free range meat, seafood, fruit and veg and more and we’ll have it delivered to your door as quickly as possible, allowing you to cook up a free range feast courtesy of Farmer’s Choice!

NEW from Farmer’s Choice: Isle of Wight Tomatoes

All of the fresh tomatoes available from the Farmer’s Choice online store are now grown on the sunny Isle of Wight! That’s right, we’ve partnered with the Tomato Stall to bring you delicious, fresh, juicy tomatoes directly from the Isle of Wight, plus a range of delicious related products.

Our new partners have been in business for over three decades, with their tomatoes becoming especially ripe and tasty due to the island’s climate and high sunshine levels. Like Farmer’s Choice, the Tomato Stall pride themselves on their eco-friendly, sustainable methods, and resultantly have been awarded Conservation Grade status.

Look out for the following brand new products from the Tomato Stall in our online store:


Tangy, tasty tomato ketchup that’s perfect for chips, burgers and hot dogs and sure to go down a storm at your next barbecue; Tomato and chilli ketchup for those who like a spicy kick to their sauce;

ts_chilketchup_square ts_ketchup_square

Pots of slow roasted tomatoes with basil, oak roasted tomatoes and oak roasted tomatoes with garlic which are just as satisfying on a pizza, in a pasta or as part of a mixed salad as they are to snack on;


basil green amendedts_oakroast_square ts_roastgarlic_square

…much like these colourful mixed baby plum tomatoes!

 mix plum diff shape

Head to the greengrocery and pantry sections of our online store to add these exciting new products to your basket, and find other quality products at fantastic prices from Farmer’s Choice free range!

Buon Apetito! Enjoy Italian Cuisine with Farmer’s Choice

Few cuisines are better suited to al fresco dining at the end of a hot, sunny summer’s day than that of Italy. Enjoying a light pasta dish or sharing a luxury pizza at sunset is one of life’s great pleasures – particularly with the Mediterranean weather we’ve been enjoying recently, and particularly when they’re made with delicious Farmer’s Choice free range meat and fresh vegetables. We’ve compiled all the Italian products in our online store into one handy Italian food section, so for a handy pack containing all you need to make tasty Italian recipes such as spaghetti carbonara or beef olives pasta, or for steak mince and pasta sauce for a tasty bolognese, there’s just one place you need to go.

R323L R326L R338L R339L


Italian food is among the most popular in the world – but what is it that makes it so special?

Italian cuisine is characterised by its simplicity. Rather than using numerous ingredients to put together increasingly elaborate and complex dishes, Italian chefs prefer to create simple dishes using small numbers of extremely high quality ingredients – making Farmer’s Choice the perfect place to order what you need to cook up your Italian recipes.

Regional variation
Just because something falls under the sizable banner of Italian cuisine, that doesn’t mean it’ll be readily available everywhere in the country. There is a huge amount of regional variation in Italian cuisine – for example, Tuscan cuisine is based around simple bread, cheese, mushrooms and fruit. The cuisine of Venice has been heavily influenced by its aquatic nature, with seafood featuring heavily in its dishes, which include sepe al nero (cuttlefish cooked in its own ink) and sarde in saor – a dish containing fried sardines favoured by sailors making long trips away from the city as it could last over a week without perishing. Try our Mediterranean baked fish recipe for an authentic Italian seafood dish.

Such a range of dishes across the country’s regions, using such a variety of ingredients, means that there’s an Italian dish for every occasion. Head to our Italian recipes section to see the variety of dishes on offer – everything from classics like spaghetti bolognese and lasagne blanca to saucy beef sausage and broccoli bake and Italian braised beef.

The number of different ingredients and dishes, of small nuances and time-honoured traditions, in Italian cuisine is so great that one can barely scratch the surface in a single blog post. So why not join Farmer’s Choice in celebrating the food of this wonderful nation by purchasing free range meat cuts, fresh vegetables, herbs, stocks, spices and sauces from the Farmer’s Choice online store and cooking up some of our recipes – or perhaps even some deliziosa dishes of your own? Don’t forget to share the results with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and above all, buona!

Give the Kids a Sumptuous Farmer’s Choice Summer

The summer holidays are here, bringing with them a whole host of problems for parents: what will they do? Where will they go? And most importantly, what will they eat? Keeping kids both occupied and healthy during the summer can be tricky, what with long summer days to fill and the daily tinkle of the ice cream van tempting them – but with Farmer’s Choice, you can keep their tummies full and their brains busy!

Prepare a Picnic
A picnic can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere – so pack a delicious Farmer’s Choice smorgasbord pack, crackers about cheese pack, a fruit kebab kit and any other products you want into a picnic basket and enjoy. The kids will get a kick out of helping you pick and pack the food, and will enjoy getting out in the sun and combine playtime and mealtime. Should the British weather turn on you, a picnic is easily had indoors – and the best part? Paper plates and plastic cups means no washing up!


Fire up the barbecue
A barbecue is a great excuse to invite the kids’ friends and their families over, keeping the children entertained and simultaneously giving parents a break and a rare chance to socialise. For large occasions, opt for the BBQ essentials pack, which provides you with all the free range beef burgers, pork sausages, kebabs, chicken and more that you’ll need. Alternatively, opt for the BBQ basics pack for a smaller occasion. Also available are the salad pack, chicken combo pack, chops and ribs pack, BBQ fish pack or any of the other products on the summer barbecue page of our online store – whatever you need, Farmer’s Choice will have it.

C260 C184 751A

Fill them up with fruit, not fast food
The summer holidays can be a wearying time for parents having to deal with children’s pleas to be taken out to fast food restaurants daily. Don’t give in – give them their burger and hot dog fix with the Farmer’s Choice barbecue selection detailed above and they shouldn’t be craving any cheap and nasty variants, and when they ask for a snack, provide fruit. Go for our summer berries pack for healthy bites they’ll love popping in their mouths, or our exotic fruit pack for some Caribbean-themed snacks.

Cookery lessons
A child’s education doesn’t have to stop when they break up from school in July – why not teach them how to cook a range of tasty Farmer’s Choice recipes using our free range meat cuts, seafood and fresh vegetables? Kids love getting involved in preparing dinner, and in years to come when they’re living off of beans at university, they’ll thank you for it!

It’s perfectly possible to keep your kids well-fed and occupied throughout the summer months – in fact, you can keep a closer eye on what they’re eating, and introduce new, healthy food into their diets. Head to the online store to order your Farmer’s Choice products now and tell your kids to get ready for a sumptuous Farmer’s Choice summer!