Give the Kids a Sumptuous Farmer’s Choice Summer

The summer holidays are here, bringing with them a whole host of problems for parents: what will they do? Where will they go? And most importantly, what will they eat? Keeping kids both occupied and healthy during the summer can be tricky, what with long summer days to fill and the daily tinkle of the ice cream van tempting them – but with Farmer’s Choice, you can keep their tummies full and their brains busy!

Prepare a Picnic
A picnic can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere – so pack a delicious Farmer’s Choice smorgasbord pack, crackers about cheese pack, a fruit kebab kit and any other products you want into a picnic basket and enjoy. The kids will get a kick out of helping you pick and pack the food, and will enjoy getting out in the sun and combine playtime and mealtime. Should the British weather turn on you, a picnic is easily had indoors – and the best part? Paper plates and plastic cups means no washing up!


Fire up the barbecue
A barbecue is a great excuse to invite the kids’ friends and their families over, keeping the children entertained and simultaneously giving parents a break and a rare chance to socialise. For large occasions, opt for the BBQ essentials pack, which provides you with all the free range beef burgers, pork sausages, kebabs, chicken and more that you’ll need. Alternatively, opt for the BBQ basics pack for a smaller occasion. Also available are the salad pack, chicken combo pack, chops and ribs pack, BBQ fish pack or any of the other products on the summer barbecue page of our online store – whatever you need, Farmer’s Choice will have it.

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Fill them up with fruit, not fast food
The summer holidays can be a wearying time for parents having to deal with children’s pleas to be taken out to fast food restaurants daily. Don’t give in – give them their burger and hot dog fix with the Farmer’s Choice barbecue selection detailed above and they shouldn’t be craving any cheap and nasty variants, and when they ask for a snack, provide fruit. Go for our summer berries pack for healthy bites they’ll love popping in their mouths, or our exotic fruit pack for some Caribbean-themed snacks.

Cookery lessons
A child’s education doesn’t have to stop when they break up from school in July – why not teach them how to cook a range of tasty Farmer’s Choice recipes using our free range meat cuts, seafood and fresh vegetables? Kids love getting involved in preparing dinner, and in years to come when they’re living off of beans at university, they’ll thank you for it!

It’s perfectly possible to keep your kids well-fed and occupied throughout the summer months – in fact, you can keep a closer eye on what they’re eating, and introduce new, healthy food into their diets. Head to the online store to order your Farmer’s Choice products now and tell your kids to get ready for a sumptuous Farmer’s Choice summer!

Cook Up Some Caribbean Cuisine this Summer

The sun’s shining and summer is in full swing – what better way to celebrate by cooking up some cuisine befitting the glorious weather we’re enjoying? We at Farmer’s Choice have put together a Caribbean page, collecting all of your favourite Caribbean products from Farmer’s Choice together, so if you fancy cooking up some tasty Caribbean-style jerk chicken or salmon, or perhaps putting together a tropical fruit salad, there’s just one place to go. Check out the tasty Farmer’s Choice products we’re offering to allow you to embrace the spirit of the Caribbean this summer season:

Exotic Fruit Basket – contains pineapple, lemons, kiwi, mango, grapefruit and galia melon
Containing every kind of fruit you can conceivably imagine falling on your head as you relax under a tree in the Caribbean, this delicious fruit pack can be put to use making a fruity punch, some cocktails, exotic desserts, or a rather snazzy hat.


Caribbean Sauce Pack – contains Caribbean chutney, sweet chilli sauce and hot chilli sauce
All of Farmer’s Choice’s delicious Caribbean sauces come together in this fantastic pack. Adding our sweet chilli or (if you’re feeling brave) hot chilli sauce adds a real zest to a burger, while adding our Caribbean chutney to a chicken marinade will imbue it with a fresh, fruity, authentically Caribbean flavour.


Chicken Drumsticks/Chicken Leg Quarters/Chicken Quarters
Jerk chicken, chicken stew, chicken curry, BBQ chicken…the list of chicken dishes enjoyed in the Caribbean is endless. Farmer’s Choice’s free range chicken can be delivered to you in a range of marinades, and adding a little something from your Caribbean sauce pack for even more flavour is sure to delight your guests.


Chopped Stewing Goat
Goat is a common party dish in the Caribbean, particularly in Jamaica, so it’s a must if you want a true Caribbean dining experience. Tasting similar to lamb (albeit slightly leaner), goat is best slow-cooked in curries and stews.


There’s plenty more to choose from on our Caribbean section, and plenty more that you can do with the array of products on offer. Don’t be afraid to check out the rest of our online store for hundreds of great deals on free range meat, seafood, deli items, fresh fruit and vegetables, and our recipes section for plenty of delicious summer dishes to enjoy with your Farmer’s Choice products!




Do you know your chump from your chuck? Your loin from your leg?  Your breast from your belly? Join us for the final instalment of the ‘know your cuts’ series, as we take a look at the different cuts of free range lamb we offer.

    Cuts from this section:
    Lamb Noisette Chops, Lamb Kebab Noisette, Lamb Valentine Chop, Best-End Neck Stewing Lamb, Fillet of Lamb, Stewing Lamb, Lamb Neck Stewing Chops
    Ideal for a slow-cooked stew, cuts from the middle neck come with the bone left in, imbuing dishes with delicious additional flavours.
    Recipe idea: Pan Fried Lamb Fillet with Watercress Sauce

    Cuts from this section:
    Lamb Shoulder Cushion, Boned and Rolled Junior Lamb Shoulder, Half Lamb Shoulder, Boned and Rolled Half Lamb Shoulder, Boned and Rolled Whole Lamb Shoulder, Bone In Whole Lamb Shoulder, Whole Carvery Lamb Shoulder
    The shoulder is a big cut often sold in halves, either on the bone or boned and rolled. It is a very tender joint that’s best roasted or braised.
    Recipe idea: A Welsh Way with Lamb

    Cuts from this section
    : Lamb Best-End Neck Chop, Lamb Guard of Honour Fillet Joint, Lamb Neck Chop
    The best-end neck contains the first eight ribs of the lamb. Meat coming from this cut is lean and cooks quickly.
    Recipe idea: Lancashire Hot Pot

    Cuts from this section:
    Lamb Baby Back Ribs, Slow Roasting Lamb Breast, Boned and Rolled Slow Roasting Lamb Breast, Slow Roasting Stuffed Lamb Rings
    Taken from the underside of the lamb, this is a very fatty cut that should be cooked very slowly. Lamb breast cuts come with the bone in, and it can be pulled out once the meat is cooked.
    Recipe idea: Simple Slow Roasted Lamb Breast

  5. LOIN
    Cuts from this section:
    Boned and Rolled Lamb Loin, Boned and Rolled Lamb Medallion, Boned and Rolled Lamb Saddle, French Trim Rack of Lamb, Lamb Breakfast Chops, Lamb Butterfly Chop, Lamb Crown Roast, Lamb Loin, Lamb Loin Cannon, Lamb Loin Guard of Honour Joint
    The loin makes for a great joint to roast, but is equally delicious cut into individual lamb chops. Be sure to leave the bone in when cooking for extra flavour.
    Recipe idea:
    Lamb Chop Casserole

  6. CHUMP
    Cuts from this section:
    Lamb Chump Steak, Lamb Leg Chump Roast
    The chump is a smaller, boneless joint. Lean and boneless, this is a cut best enjoyed by two people with no waste afterwards.
    Recipe idea:
    Easy Peasy Lamb, Mushroom and Potatoes

  7. LEG
    Cuts from this section:
    Boned and Rolled Half Lamb Leg, Boned and Rolled Whole Lamb Leg, Diced Lamb, Half Lamb Leg, Lamb Leg Steak, Lamb Shank, Whole Leg of Lamb
    The perfect centrepiece for a dinner party, the lamb leg is firm and flavourful, and works just as well roasted as it does slow-cooked in a stew.
    Recipe idea:
    Roasted Leg of Lamb with Lemon and Thyme

Which of these delicious lamb cuts will you be ordering from our online shop? Will you be slavering over a shoulder or chewing on a chump? Whichever cut you choose, you’re guaranteed free range meat from responsibly reared animals. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the lamb section of our online store and pick up your lamb cuts from Farmer’s Choice!




The Farmer’s Choice guide to knowing your meat cuts continues this week as we move on to our delicious free range pork. Farmer’s Choice take their pork cuts from six different parts of pigs responsibly reared on free range partner farms such as Childhay Manor in Dorset. We work closely with these partner farms to ensure our customers only receive the best finest quality pork. But which is the cut for you?

    Cuts from this section:
    Pork Spare Rib Chop, Pork Spare Rib Joint, Pork Spare Rib Steak
    The neck end or ‘collar’ sits above the shoulder and is divided into the blade and the spare rib (not to be confused with the kind that go on the barbecue). This cut benefits from slow cooking.
    Recipe idea: Marinated Pork Chops

    Cuts from this section:
    Pork Shoulder with Bone In
    This part of the animal is more fatty than the leg and produces a succulent joint that’s perfect for a Sunday roast or slow-cooked until it’s melt-in-the-mouth tender.
    Recipe idea: Wild Boar in Cider(just substitute wild boar shoulder for a pork shoulder!)

  3. LOIN
    Cuts from this section:
    Pork Loin Joint, Pork Lattice Medallion, Pork Loin Rack with French Trim, Boned and Rolled Pork Loin Joint, Pork Loin Parcel, Pork Saddle Roast, Pork Breakfast Steak
    The most popular part of the pig, the loin can be divided into chops, boned and rolled loin, butterfly steaks and a number of other cuts. Many of these different parts of the loin can be quite thin and should be cooked quickly.
    Recipe idea: Pork Chop Casserole

  4. BELLY
    Cuts from this section:
    Pepper and Sea Salt Coated Pork Belly, Pork Belly Joint, Boned and Rolled Pork Belly Joint, Pork Belly Ring, Streaky Pork Slices, Oak Smoked Streaky Bacon, Pancetta, Dry Cured Streaky Bacon
    The belly offers a rich, succulent, fatty meat and can be cooked as a whole (provided your oven is big enough) or cut into that old British breakfast favourite, bacon.
    Recipe idea: Simple Slow Roasted Pork Belly

  5. CHUMP
    Cuts from this section:
    Pork Chump Steak, Skin-Off Pork Spatchcock Chump, Skin-On Pork Spatchcock Chump, Pork Ribeye Steak, Pork Spatchcock Chump Steak
    The chump comes from between the loin and the leg. It mostly comes cut as pork chops or pork steaks, though roasting the entire joint is delicious and definitely worth a try.
    Recipe idea: Pork and Potato Hot Pot

  6. LEG
    Cuts from this section:
    Pork Leg, Boned and Rolled Pork Leg, Pork Shank, Pork Topside Hedgehog, Pork Leg Steak, Pork Escalopes, Pork Schnitzel
    Often cured to make ham, meat from the leg is also often used to make pork steaks and gammon. Meat from the leg is leaner than that of the belly or shoulder and thus needs less time to cook.
    Recipe idea: Smoky Indian Pulled Pork

Now that you know everything you need to about the different pork cuts available from Farmer’s Choice, which will you be choosing from our online shop? Hurry and place your order for your pork cuts plus other free range meat cuts, fresh vegetables, deli items and more from Farmer’s Choice online butcher!


It’s important to know where your delicious cut of Farmer’s Choice free range beef comes from before you order it. Some cuts, like shin and rump, are fairly self-explanatory. But do you know which part of the cow your chuck steak comes from? And where is a cow’s silverside, anyway? Join us as we at Farmer’s Choice present the ultimate guide to knowing your beef cuts!



1. SHIN 
Cuts from this section: Shin Steak, Diced Shin Steak
The shin is cut below the elbow and produces a flavoursome steak that tastes best slow cooked. Pop a stew on using your diced shin steak before you leave for work and come home to intense aromas and fantastic flavours.
Recipe idea: Boozy Steak and Mushroom Pie

Cuts from this section:Chuck Steak
Prepared from the middle ribs of the forequarter, this cut is often sold diced with the blade as ‘chuck and blade,’ though chuck steak itself is more suitable to braising.
Recipe idea: Steak and Kidney Pie

Cuts from this section:
Blade Steak, Boned and Rolled Back Rib Joint, Braising Steak, Diced Blade Steak
Like the chuck, the blade is prepared from the middle ribs of the forequarter, and is the remaining portion of removing the top ribs, which make up the chuck.
Recipe idea: Steak, Mushroom and Ale Pie

Cuts from this section:
Brisket (Pot Roast)
The brisket comes from the lower chest or breast of the cow. Leave it to slow cook all day and you’ll have a roast with a classic beef flavour that’s as tender as chicken.
Recipe idea: Pot Roast Beef in Red Wine, Rosemary and Orange

Cuts from this section:
French Trim Beef Rib, Beef Rib Roast Joint, Forerib Boned and Rolled, Beef Riblets, Rib Eye Steak
This cut is prepared from the fifth and tenth rib of the forequarter, giving a five-bone forerib. Full of flavour and marbling, the forerib has grown in popularity in recent years and is now a firm staple of many family Sunday roasts.
Recipe idea: Spiced Forerib Beef

Cuts from this section:
Skirt Steak, Diced Skirt Steak
The forequarter flank is prized for its flavour rather than its tenderness. Forequarter flank Rectastes fantastic diced and baked in a pie.
Recipe idea: Chilli BBQ Skirt Steak

Cuts from this section:
Sirloin Steak, Fillet Whole Piece, Sirloin Joint, Fillet Steak, T-Bone Steak, Wing Rib Steak, Stir Fry Beef
Cut from the upper middle of the animal, the sirloin is one of the most popular and widely available cuts. Serve with chips for a great British classic.
Recipe idea:
Cook the Perfect Steak

Cuts from this section:
Rump Steak
Another popular cut widely available in restaurants, the rump tastes best fried or grilled.
Recipe idea: Steak and Triple Cooked Chips

Cuts from this section:
Silverside, Silverside Salmon Joint, Silverside Parcel, Beef Olives, Silverside Salmon Steak
Prepared from the top piece of the leg after removing the rump and the loin, the silverside gets its name from the ‘silverwall’ on the side of the cut – a long skin of connective tissue which the butcher has to remove as it is inedible.
Recipe idea: Beef Olives Pasta

Cuts from this section:
Topside, Topside Steak, Beef Escalopes
The topside is one of three cuts, along with the silverside and top rump, taken from the top piece of the leg. It is best prepared using slow, low-heat methods such as braising which maintain the cut’s moisture level.
Recipe idea: Topside with Stilton, Mushroom and Walnut Stuffing

Cuts from this section:
Top Rump Joint, Frying Steak, Minute Steak
Another lean cut of beef best suited to slow roasting, the top rump is situated between the topside and silverside at the top of the hindquarter.
Recipe idea: Perfect Roast of Beef


Another lean cut of beef best suited to slow roasting, the top rump is situated between the topside and silverside at the top of the hindquarter.
Recipe idea: Perfect Roast of Beef

Whichever cut of beef you choose, with Farmer’s Choice you are assured of quality – and when you sit down with friends to enjoy the delicious beef recipe you’ve prepared, you can now wow them with some interesting facts about what they’re eating!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and place your order for your free range beef, plus any other meat products, fresh vegetables and deli items from Farmer’s Choice online butcher!

Get Outdoors and Eat Al Fresco

The sun’s out and summer’s here! Whether it’s a barbecue, picnic or camping trip, if you’re a Briton, chances are you start dining al fresco as soon as you get the chance. Nothing matches enjoying a good meal outdoors, with this summer’s World Cup and Wimbledon all the more reason to get friends over and enjoy some dinner.

Strawberry Shortcakes - Marie Rayner

Everybody loves al fresco dining – the kids can play games with their friends, and grownups can get a bit of colour in their cheeks while they dine. Dining outdoors also provides the opportunity to enjoy food you wouldn’t normally eat – you’d have to be mad to fire up the barbecue in the middle of November! At Farmer’s Choice, we love outdoor dining as much as you do – that’s why we’re offering a range of great deals on food perfect for outdoor dining, including £2 off our BBQ Essentials pack, plus a special World Cup pack and much more to enjoy.


We’re even giving you the opportunity to win the Farmer’s Choice World Cup pack, worth over £50! Head over to Feeding Boys for all the details of this exciting competition. The lucky winner will have their free World Cup pack delivered for them in time for the final on July 13, meaning you can fire up the barbie and enjoy.


So, how else can you enjoy your delicious Farmer’s Choice products in the great outdoors?


Back Garden Barbecue: How else would you enjoy your Farmer’s Choice BBQ pack? A barbecue provides a casual, laid-back ambience that is quintessentially summer. All you need are your tongs and either a permanent or disposable barbecue grill to prepare tasty Farmer’s Choice chicken, beef,  lamb and whatever other meats you wish. Make sure you’ve got enough burger buns and drinks for everybody and you’re in business!


Summer Picnics: Pack a Farmer’s Choice smorgasbord pack or deli platter pack into a picnic basket and head to the park for a lovely summer picnic. There’s nothing quite like a lazy Saturday enjoying cold meats, crackers, bread and cheese – just don’t forget the picnic blanket and your suncream in case you fall asleep in the sun!


Al fresco Dinner: If you’re looking for a small, more intimate dinner affair on your patio table, prepare a light salad bowl using Farmer’s Choice’s fresh vegetables along with some tasty grilled fish. Al fresco dining is not about preparing fancy dishes, but making a light meal from fresh produce and presenting it with flair.


There are plenty of reasons to arrange an outdoor party for your friends and family this time of the year. Al fresco eating is less about the formality and more about enjoying the outdoors, the sun, fresh air and open space – so put on your summer wardrobe and start preparing to start dining al fresco with Farmer’s Choice online butchers!

Celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil with Farmer’s Choice!

The wait is over – the World Cup is finally here, and we at Farmer’s Choice online butcher are bringing you competitions, recipes and products celebrating the greatest show on Earth in the land of soccer, samba and sunshine – Brazil!


We’re marking the World Cup with a high-stakes competition of our own. In conjunction with Feeding Boys and a Firefighter, we’re giving to one lucky winner the brand new World Cup BBQ pack, containing plenty of free range meat, cheese and fresh fruit and worth over £50 completely free of charge! All you have to do is head to the World Cup section of our online shop and tell Katie at Feeding Boys in a comment on the competition page how you’d cook up a recipe representing one of the 32 competing nations you’ll be making with the products. Extra entries can be earned by following Farmer’s Choice on Twitter and liking Farmer’s Choice on Facebook – don’t forget to say you’ve done so in a comment. The winner will be announced a week before the final on July 13, so you can enjoy some free range barbecue treats while you watch England storm to victory in the final!


751A IMG_4140_C

Our recipe of the week for the beginning of the World Cup is a delicious recipe for Brazilian black beans and pork tenderloin with mango salsa. Perfect for watching the opening ceremony and Brazil’s game against Croatia, just use the easy recipe shopper on the recipe’s page to order the free range pork tenderloin, mango and other products you’ll need for this tasty World Cup recipe with one swift mouse click.

We’ve also taken some of our favourite international recipes to create the new World Cup recipes section. Settling down with friends to support Greece as they do battle with the Ivory Coast? Serve up some souvlaki in pitta! Are you hoping that the USA do England a favour and knock out the dreaded Germans in the group stage? Show your support by making big breakfast supper waffles!

If none of our World Cup recipes take your fancy, we’ve an array of products we’ve selected specifically for the tournament in the World Cup section of our online store for you to cook up your own! From light bites and nibbles to juicy free range meat cuts for the barbecue, you’ll find something for any World Cup event you’re hosting.

The World Cup kicked off on Thursday June 12 – so what are you waiting for? Get your competition entries in and place your orders for free range meat, fresh vegetables, deli items and more. And all together now: come on England!